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Direct Read DNA Sequencing and Epigenetics

Armonica is developing advanced nanochip systems for direct reading of DNA and study of single molecules... Read more


Large Particle Flow Cytometry

For the first time, flow cytometry is available for rapid analysis of tumor spheroids with BennuBio’s VeloCyttm... Read more


Measuring and Improving Visual Performance

With a long history of developing instruments for use in ophthalmology, the team at WavDyn has started a new chapter in the history of measurement... Read more

circular genomics

Personalized Diagnostics for Neurological Disorders

An industry first, Circular Genomics is developing a platform leveraging a novel and stable form of RNA... Read more

01_Vitazi.ai logo_white_bg

AI-Powered Diagnostic Imaging

Tramway launched Vitazi.ai in July of 2021.  An internally incubated startup, Vitazi will deliver an artificial intelligence platform to the medical device market that will enable customers to apply... Read more