Armonica Tech

Armonica is developing continuous, direct read DNA sequencing for robust analysis of genomic variants and epigenetic changes. By eliminating the requirement for extensive library preparation, Armonica will deliver significant cost savings in time and supply costs in addition to providing data for diagnostic and pharmaceutical applications that are not possible with today’s sequencing technology.  


BennuBio’s VeloCytÒ is an acoustic flow cytometer that can amalyze up to 1 million cells per second at a low coincidence rate, increasing processing capacity up to 100 fold and expanding flow cytometry into analysis of rare events in a high particle background. With full sample recovery and the capabilities of analyzing larger particles, like tumor spheroids, the VeloCytÒ offers a major step forward for the research and laboratory.

The scientists and engineers at BennuBio trace their professional roots to the National Flow Cytometry Resource at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, a center for the development of advanced flow cytometry resources for decades.

WaveFront Dynamics

WaveDyn is an early stage medical device company developing proprietary methods to measure changes of the eye dynamically, over a sequence in time, rather than a single snapshot. The company will leverage its dynamic wavefront measurement capabilities to create ophthalmic treatment solutions for patients with complex visual dysfunction.