Our Team

We are a group of highly experienced, nationally and internationally connected individuals who understand the challenges of seed and early stage investment.

Waneta Tuttle

Founder and Managing Partner

Waneta’s interests and career are focused at the intersection between technology and health care... Read more about Waneta

Katie Rice

Managing Partner

Katie is an experienced venture investor and entrepreneur. Before joining Tramway, she led the New Mexico... Read more about Katie

Chris Japp

Managing Partner

Chris is a seasoned C-suite executive with over 30 years of global experience in healthcare technology industries... Read more about Chris

John Rockwell

Venture Partner

John complements the Tramway team with his experience and connectivity in physics and engineering...Read more about John

Stu Rose

Venture Partner

Certainly a candidate for “Mr. BioScience” in New Mexico, Stu brings the Tramway team extensive business and investment experience...Read more about Stu

Brad Vale

Venture Partner

Brad has been involved in New Mexico technology company investment for several decades... Read more about Brad


Joseph Juang

A relative newcomer to the state of New Mexico, Joseph brings his interest in the emerging digitization of health care to the team. Prior to joining Tramway, he served at Tullis Health Investors and Cultivation Capital, two healthcare focused VC firms while enrolled in a Full Time MBA program. Joseph has over 6 years of life science research experience from Covance Laboratories and Purdue University. He holds an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis and a BS in Biology and a Certificate of Entrepreneurship from Purdue University.

Dee Brescia, CPA
Administrative Services 

Dee is CEO of Brescia Consulting.   With decades of experience in providing financial management and administrative services to start-up life sciences companies as well as investment groups, Dee is ideally suited to manage Tramway’s contracts with back office service providers and support fund reporting and investment tracking.