Stu Rose

Venture Partner

Certainly a candidate for “Mr. BioScience” in New Mexico, Stu brings the Tramway team extensive business and investment experience and an extensive network within the State and beyond. Dr. Rose is an entrepreneur at heart, having started more than ten companies, and is an important part of Tramway’s deal sourcing. He founded The BioScience Center in Albuquerque and FatPipe ABQ, a network of co-working spaces within New Mexico. His PhD is in chemistry and he is nationally and internationally known as an expert pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Current Involvement

Why New Mexico

Stu Rose came to New Mexico when he bought a business here. Six years later that business was sold but Rose opted to remain because of what he found was here, a thriving flow of technologies from 2 national labs, the Air Force Research Labs and 3 research focused universities.  The technologies plus the technology commercialization efforts accompanying them and the infrastructure to support startups opened his eyes to the unique and under the radar opportunities such that he decided to remain and "play" in the exciting entrepreneurial world of New Mexico.