Chris Japp

Managing Partner

Chris is a seasoned C-suite executive with over 30 years of global experience in healthcare technology industries. He has held top leadership roles at large multinational companies,  developing deep domain knowledge in multiple clinical fields alongside extensive corporate M&A experience. In addition, Chris has been active in various non-executive board positions, and is well versed in early-stage company development and operations throughout its life cycle. His journey of leading companies - from small startups to blue chip medtechs, intersected across multiple clinical domains – brings valuable insights and proven strategies to help Tramway and its portfolio companies adapt and scale. Chris holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from Queen’s University in Canada.

Past Affiliations

Why New Mexico

Chris is originally from Toronto Canada, and over the course of his career has lived in many countries including Japan, Hong Kong, Switzerland, UK, Germany, as well as various cities in the US. After several vacations over the years to New Mexico, Chris and his family have now found their "forever home" in Santa Fe. "There is nowhere else I would rather be," explains Chris. "In addition to tremendous cultural, dining, and outdoor activities, New Mexico has a wealth of untapped potential in the healthcare technology field...an excellent opportunity for venture capital as well as for any entrepreneur to start and grow a company."