How The BioScience Center is helping New Mexico’s tech industry thrive

Technology continues to advance extremely quickly across the globe, and that is no different here in New Mexico. Some of the major growth that the Land of Enchantment is seeing is in bioscience startups, thanks in large part to the work being done by The BioScience Center.

The center was founded in 2012 by Dr. Stuart Rose. He renovated a building to include chemical and biological laboratories, and it has since grown into what is now a thriving business incubator for tech startups.

The BioScience Center provides support and assistance to pre-revenue startups in technological fields and life sciences. The center aids startups with legal and accounting aspects while helping turn their tech ideas into companies. “It’s a place for people with ideas for new products that will help people,” says Rose.

Vitazi is a company that uses artificial intelligence to help doctors determine if there is disease present in the body, explains CEO Dr. Jeremy Stueven. Vitazi is an example of a company that came to New Mexico specifically because of the work being done at The BioScience Center.

“The key to economic development is entrepreneurship. It’s little companies; it’s not big companies,” says Rose. “We’re seeing small companies being created across the state of New Mexico.”

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