Creates a Platform to Deliver Artificial Intelligence to Improve Physician Efficiency and Diagnostics Accuracy is reimagining image-based diagnostics so providers can gain higher quality, real time & trustable health insights. 

October 8, 2021 

Albuquerque, New Mexico — Today Tramway Venture Partners II announces the launch of, an internally incubated startup, focused on delivering a new artificial intelligence platform that will enable customers to apply consistent and industry leading artificial intelligence (AI) analytics to their data sets to improve physician efficiency and diagnostic accuracy. 

There are numerous applications emerging in healthcare that utilize AI to make accurate and cost-effective diagnoses. In fact, they will be so numerous that healthcare systems and providers will be challenged to effectively integrate them into delivery systems. This creates the need for a user-friendly, trustable AI delivery platform for health care.’s solution is Image Box, a platform for delivering AI assisted diagnoses. Image Box is being developed to provide optimal user experience for both providers and patients by seamlessly integrating into the growing demands of the healthcare workflow. From quality metrics to surges in demand, AI can lessen the strain for health systems, if it’s usable and trustable. The platform will standardize the delivery of AI assisted diagnostics and encourage innovation between physicians and artificial intelligence developers to create the most trustable solutions around. 

Led by co-founders Jeremy Stueven, MD and Timothy Summers, PhD, who were previously advisors to Tramway, the company will engage customers through direct licensing and marketing of applications and through licensing of Image Box to developers of their own AI solutions. As an example, has licensed the retinal image analysis system now deployed outside the United States from an Albuquerque company, VisionQuest (VQ). will build upon this very important application of AI, deliver it through Image Box and fully integrate its use into healthcare systems and physician clinics around the globe.